“The founders of GRO are a multitalented and dedicated group of individuals whose aim is to further our understanding of gifted children and their needs across domains of development – physical, emotional, social, and psychological. GRO intends to pursue a thoughtful and comprehensive research program and to make their findings available to all, thereby raising awareness of this unique group within society at large.”

Dr. Susan Daniels, Company Co-Founder and Educational Director, Summit Center, Professor and Educational Consultant, and Co-Author of Living with Intensity
“Imagine having research data that provides objective and accurate evidence of many issues we in the gifted community already see anecdotally. Picture parents and educators being able to discuss the social, emotional, and health concerns surrounding giftedness using scientific information to back up their opinions. Then consider a group of uniquely talented individuals making those outcomes their passion. That’s GRO. And I’m excited about the possibilities their work will afford all of us!”
Ann Grahl, President, Knowledge Enrichment Enterprise, and Founder, Supporting Gifted Learners

“Nothing is really work unless you would rather be doing something else.”
~ James M. Barrie
Dramatist, Creator of Peter Pan