GRO is excited to share the article, What’s Wrong with Me?, written by Dr. Joanna Haase, Ph.D., MFT, and Sharon Duncan, Gifted Education Consultant from the May/June, 2017, issue of 2e: Twice-Exceptional Newsletter

What’s Wrong with Me?  Far too often, parents of twice-exceptional children are faced with answering this question. The pain experienced by both parents and their children when it is difficult for the youngsters to express the full potential of their abilities is rarely soothed by the standard responses of “everyone has their strengths and weaknesses” or “everyone has challenges.” How can it? The reality of multiple therapies sends a less-than-positive message to a gifted child who already feels different from other children.”

While it’s inarguable that 2e children benefit from therapeutic intervention, it’s also inarguable that many children start to feel that the focus of their lives is on what’s wrong with them as compared to what they do well.  This article explores how to help children overcome obstacles while at the same time, focusing on their strengths.

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