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As part of it’s outreach mission, GRO is committed to sharing information as well as helping to connect people and organizations. This page provides a pathway for parents and professionals interested in understanding all facets of giftedness.  Below are links to handouts, presentations and videos, as well as to other gifted support organizations.

“Gifted children learn differently, not just faster, and have special emotional and social needs as well. We need this research and practical guidance so that parents, teachers, schools, and psychologists understand the best ways to facilitate the learning and growth of this unique population. Thank you for meeting this essential need.”
Jennifer Dees, Co-Founder, San Francisco Bay Area Gifted Homeschoolers
“The more we find out about gifted and the struggles and stereotypes that gifted individuals struggle with, the more doors that can open for the 2xceptional or autism. This will help individuals and families! The research for the gifted is opening doors for so many others and will make anything possible! Parents and families need this hope!”
Teri Wilkins Dunnet, Mother of gifted and 2e children

“The thing about information is that information is more valuable when people know it….ideas that spread win.”
~ Seth Godin