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Session 2 – How to Talk to Your Kids About Their Giftedness


GRO Gifted Parenting Talk Single – Session 2



Session 2
How to Talk to Your Kids About Their Giftedness

Parents often fear that if they talk to their children about their giftedness they will develop unhealthy attitudes of arrogance, entitlement and elitism, or that it will impact their drive and motivation. However, nothing could be further from the truth. Talking to your children about what giftedness is and what it is not establishes the foundation for increased emotional health and problem solving across their entire lifespan. The fact is, gifted individuals, know they are different from an early age, and without context as to why, they risk growing up feeling broken. Providing your child with a factual context for why their giftedness may make them feel different, helps to create a healthy self-identity. This session will provide you guidance on how to have that conversation with your child, words that can help, things to avoid, and answers to common questions your child may ask in return.