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Session 1- Addressing the Elephant in the Room


GRO Gifted Parenting Talk Single – Session 1



Session 1 Recording
Addressing the Elephant in the Room: What is Giftedness, and Why it is Important we Talk About It***

Why is it so difficult to talk about gifted? People often resist discussing the needs of gifted children due to fears of being perceived as elitist. This reluctance adversely impacts gifted students in terms of funding, development of services and willingness of parents to seek out support for their gifted children. In this webinar we will explore America’s views and discomfort with giftedness, why it exists and how we can work collectively to change the myths surrounding giftedness. Participants will be provided with a solid foundation for what giftedness is, what it is not, and why it is important to be able to address this subject.

******Though certainly not required, this session helps to build a foundation for this and future webinar series.