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Gifted GRO Parenting Talk – Session Bundle


Gifted GRO Parenting Talk – Session Bundle
Includes the following sessions:
Session 1: Addressing the Elephant in the Room
Session 2: How to Talk to Your Kids about Giftedness
Session 3: How to Talk About Giftedness to Teachers, Admins, Coaches and Instructors
Session 4: How to Talk to Everyone Else…Family, Friends, Doctors, Mental Health Professionals



Do You:
Hesitate to speak-up or struggle to find the right words to address your child’s needs?
Feel conflicted about if and how you should talk to your child about their giftedness?
Sometimes feel like you’re bragging or making excuses when talking about your child?
Find others cannot relate to your parenting experiences or even belittle your struggles?
Long to talk your parenting challenges, but fear no one will understand?

If so, we have created a series just for you…
Giftedness is misunderstood and for many, painfully uncomfortable to discuss. Though we freely talk about the joys and challenges experienced by talented athletes and musicians, discussing anything associated with intellectual giftedness is considered taboo in polite American society. Fueled by myths and their own social conditioning, parents are sometimes even reluctant to talk to their own children about giftedness for fear that it will make them arrogant or impact their motivation.
Please join us for this groundbreaking series of seminars in which we will explain the full essence of giftedness, what it is, what it is not, and provide you a toolkit for addressing the common myths associated with it. Together we will explore America’s discomfort with the subject and help you learn how to talk about it comfortably with your child, teachers, school administrators, coaches, mental health professionals, doctors, family and friends. As a community, we can change the sometimes uncomfortable interpretations of this word, so that the needs of gifted individuals can be addressed. Change starts with you, because no where more than in giftedland does it take a village.