On our way to the National Association for the Gifted (NAGC) annual conference in Phoenix Arizona. If you happen to be at NAGC this weekend please come see us! On Saturday at 8:00, Dr. Joanna Haase and Sharon Duncan will be presenting: The Emperor Has No Clothes: A Toolkit to Promote Gifted Education in the General Education Culture. This talk combines the highlights of several talks we give together as well as provides a sneak peek at some brain science highlights from our Non-profit Gifted Research and Outreach. The second talk will be given by Dr. Grace Malonai and Sharon Duncan and is titled  “How to Talk to Children About Their Giftedness: The Impact of Gifted Identification”. Besides giving presentations on what we believe are important topics, NAGC provides the opportunity for us to learn what others are doing and catch up with many movers and shakers in the gifted community, advocates, researchers and experts from across the nation and across the oceans.  GRO is delighted to be able to participate.