Tonight we will be giving a talk about radical acceleration (in this case, early entrance into college).  While radical acceleration is NOT a decision to be taken lightly, many people dismiss this option without giving it the thought it deserves. A common line of reasoning is that even if a student is ready academically, parents do not want their child to “miss out on the experience of high school.” One thing we want to impart to parents tonight is that skipping the high school experience is one of the very reasons some people actually choose to do radical acceleration. Though there is nothing wrong with the high school experience, however, we need to recognize that  some students are simply not designed for it and it can indeed be socially and/or emotionally harmful to them. It is important to note that radical acceleration is NOT about getting ahead in school. Rather, getting ahead in school is simply a byproduct of finding the right educational fit.  It is purely a form of differentiation to the student that needs it.