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In vain have you acquired knowledge  if you have not imparted it to others. – Deuteronomy Rabbah

One parent, one professional, one educator, one child…one person at a time……….GRO is dedicated to changing the misperception of giftedness.

GRO’s outreach strategy is multi-faceted because we understand that changing public perception, de-bunking myths and empowering families and gifted individuals to speak amounts to nothing less than a social change movement.

Educating the World on Giftedness

GRO understands that in order to affect social change it must reach out in a wide variety of ways and provide its message in a manner that both resonates and provides value to many different audiences. While our voice may change to suit whom we are speaking to, the message will always remain true and clear. Our campaign is purposeful and strategic, and currently includes the following:

  • As an approved provider of continuing education (CE) units, GRO is able to provide mental health professionals with information about how giftedness impacts their clients.
  • GRO board members actively speak at a wide variety of venues including conferences and organization events. In this manner GRO is able to effectively reach a large number of people at one time. These talks are entertaining, and compelling, and can be adjusted to appeal to any audience.
  • Guest lecturing at colleges and universities allows GRO to share its information with up-and-coming professionals before they enter the workforce.
  • In addition to offering its own research to the public at no cost, GRO has created an online resource library that contains links to both scientific articles as well as articles that address all areas of giftedness.
  • GRO is working on developing a certificate program that will train professionals who work with gifted individuals.
  • GRO recently completed a four-part webinar series to assist parents with how to effectively talk to their own children, family members, pediatricians, mental health professionals, school administrators, and educators about giftedness.
  • GRO has also recently launched an Ambassador Team program.  GRO Ambassadors are volunteers who promote the organization’s mission in their communities and assist in setting up outreach and fundraising events. This team will allow GRO to expand it’s reach.
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YOU can be part of our outreach campaign today!

GRO has initiated a poster campaign with the intention of raising the awareness of the needs of gifted children. To participate simply click the link below, print the flyer and post it anywhere and everywhere. Together we can change the way the world perceives this population.


We Can Come to You

Can’t travel to see us?  GRO would be delighted to come to you.  Even before its incorporation, GRO board members were active on the lecture circuit talking at conferences, to schools and organizations, providing interactive staff trainings, and parent support sessions. GRO lectures and outreach events are very well received and are designed to both educate and inspire.  As we move forward and discover more, our information will be ever evolving.

If you would like information on how to arrange for us to come speak to your group, please contact us at admin@gro-gifted.org.

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“…GRO’s mission reaches beyond the gifted child, family and educational system to positively impact all of society. I commend Joanna Haase, Sharon Duncan and others in the organization for their steadfast vision and tireless work creating widespread understanding of our most misunderstood and underserved population, through sound research.”

Anne Beneventi, Director, Children Evolving

“You can’t change the world alone – you will need some help – and to truly get from your starting point to your destination takes friends, colleagues, the good-will of strangers and a strong coxswain to guide them.”
~ William H. McRaven