Please take a close look the amazing names and faces of GRO’s Advisory Panel.  GRO has spent the last two years preparing to launch its first research project on gifted physiology.  We will be announcing more details shortly, but for now, please know that the project is big and amazingly elegant.

GRO believes that by providing data on the physiological differences in gifted individuals and how those differences can potentially impact physical and/or psychological well-being, this research project will change the way giftedness is viewed by physicians, psychologists, educators, policy-makers, and the general public. In short, this project is a game changer.

Because game-changing requires teamwork, GRO has expanded its Advisory Panel. The members of this panel bring with them a wealth of knowledge, experience, and skills, and are active with their assistance and advice to GRO.

Nowhere more than in “giftedland” does it take a village. THANK YOU Advisers!