GRO Thanks You!

As 2016 draws to a close, GRO would like to take a moment to share its accomplishments of last year as well as a preview of some of the things you can look forward to seeing in 2017. None of this would be feasible without the support GRO has received from the community, donors, mentors, and professional partnerships. Please take moment to reflect on the impact you have made in helping GRO to achieve its mission of promoting a comprehensive and accurate understanding of giftedness through research and outreach.

 2016 in Review

The year began with a bang. The launch of its Website provided GRO both a beautiful and professional public face and a platform for the communication of its research and outreach efforts.  Thanks to the help of volunteer reviewers, GRO is close to launching its free searchable library of gifted articles.

With your support, GRO was able to fund and complete literature reviews on the gifted brain and gifted physiology. Findings from these literature reviews were presented to packed rooms across the country and were cited in the book Misdiagnosis and Dual Diagnosis of Gifted Children and Adults. Pending the release of an academic peer review paper, GRO published a general audience article on The Gifted Brain which has been viewed from the website over 5,000 times.

The impact of GROs outreach visibility and research findings have resulted in it being presented with a tremendous number of opportunities. In order to manage its rapid growth, the Board worked with a non-profit expert and created a strategic plan which will ensure GRO continues to be able to accomplish its mission responsibly.

As part of its strategic planning, GRO has added an Advisory Panel to the organization. The Advisory Panel consists of wise and successful professionals, from many different disciplines, who will help guide the organization as it continues to mature and expand. Membership on the Panel is still growing, and we will officially introduce all the members shortly, but as of now, the following amazing professionals have agreed to be on GRO’s Advisory Panel: Corin Barsily Goodwin, Board President and Executive Director of GHF; Melissa Bilash, Founder of the Grayson School and Federally Certified Educational Advocate; Elizabeth D. Jones, President & Co-Founder of the Institute for Educational Advancement; Dr. Grace Malonai, Ph.D., LPCC, Founder of Therathrive, Co-founder of Gifted identity, Wenda Sheard, J.D. Ph.D. SENG Board Member Emeritus; and James T. Webb, Ph.D. Founder and Director Emeritus, Supporting Emotional Needs of Gifted President, Great Potential Press, Inc.

GRO is also delighted to announce the addition of Joyce Goldberg to the Board. In addition to years of non-profit and fundraising experience Joyce brings a tremendously enthusiastic heart and a public perspective that will help GRO broaden its reach.

2017 Looking Forward

GRO’s success in 2016 has led to many opportunities. The following are some of the things you can look forward to this next year.


GRO expects to be ready to submit its academic article on gifted physiology to a peer reviewed journal in February. Additionally, GRO is actively exploring several different physiological research projects. We are hopeful that we will be far enough along in the research design process to begin raising funds for specific research late this summer.  Built on the foundation of the literature review completed in 2016, these projects will launch GRO into the production of original research.


Partnering with Cal State Los Angeles and with support from Great Potential Press, GRO is developing a continuing education conference for mental health professionals to be held on April 28th.  This conference will educate school psychologists and therapists about the definition, identification and best practices for working with gifted individuals.

Partnering with SENG and Washington State, GRO is planning to conduct groundbreaking workshops designed to train gifted stakeholders on the use of industry proven tools and methodologies so that they may go back to their communities with the skillset to successfully design, implement and manage change solutions. GRO hopes to be able to provide this training throughout the country. GRO understands that it alone cannot change the world, but is committed to providing valuable tools and training to assist those who want to do so.

GROs impact on the gifted community has been recognized by the honor of being asked to present a keynote address at the International SENG conference in July 2017. This opportunity will provide GRO a world stage in which to share its literature review results.

Starting in January, GRO is committed to publishing monthly blog posts and quarterly articles.   The January blog post will be a discussion of gifted anxiety, focusing on the less talked about but perhaps more debilitating freeze response to anxiety (integrating physiology with psychology).

GRO is in discussions to produce videos on a variety of topics that will be available on its website. These videos will be sold at a nominal price as part of GRO’s strategic plan to produce an on-going income stream to cover its overhead expenses.

Last, but certainly not least, in order ensure that these fabulous plans become reality, GRO has added Jessica Goldberg to its administrative team. Jessica comes to GRO with a solid background in successfully managing projects and tasks. With her talent, GRO is poised and ready to begin the new year.

As a 501.c.3, GRO exists entirely on donations. YOUR contribution to GRO is the ONLY way it is able achieve its goals.  Last year’s accomplishments and our 2017 opportunities prove GRO’s positive impact in the world of making change for the gifted community. We ask that you consider giving to GRO in any manner that you are able so that together WE can continue the mission of promoting a comprehensive and accurate understanding of giftedness through research and outreach. Information about how to donate may be found HERE.

For all of this tremendous success, plans and more that will surely come in 2017, we thank you,

The GRO Board